LEVANTE GOLF SOCIETY - 12 JULY 2019 - Levante Villaitana  
This week, LGS’s golfers took part in a fun team game at the excellent Levante course in Benidorm. 
The format was a Stableford ‘Waltz’ for teams of four players. Confused ? You will be after this explanation! Each player in the team plays their own ball throughout, then under Stableford scoring the best score is counted on hole one, the two best scores on hole two and the three best scores on hole three, then back to best one score on hole four and the sequence continues around the course. So why is it a waltz? Obvious;  it’s 1,2,3; 1,2,3 just like the steps in a waltz. To add to the complication there were four teams of four players and two teams of three - in these two the fourth player’s score was recorded as a mysterious ‘Mr Ghost’ - in reality this was the score from an anonymous (theoretically) player from one of the other teams! 
Education over - now to the golf. On one of the hottest and sunniest days of the year so far, players were conserving energy wherever possible,  so no ‘quick steps’ and plenty of sun screen to prevent the ‘tango’ effect. The winning team who fully got into the ‘swing’ of the competition on 95 points were Brian Barden, Alan Overton, Mike Harding and Terry Saville. Second place on 92 points were Penny Barden, Robert Bedloe, Kevin Waterland and the mysterious Mr Ghost whose normal handicap was noted as 27.1. Third prize went to Hans Benzler, Dave Geeson, Andy Ratcliff and Tony Slipper.
There were two guests on the day, the excellent golfing twins Scott and Sean Cook whose handicaps added together were lower than any other player on the day.
The nearest the pin competition was on holes three and fourteen. Neville Richardson was competing for the non-existent Mr Consistency award by recording distances of exactly 4.22 metres on both holes, though the second of these was beaten by a superb 0.93 metres by Brian Barden. One two was recorded by Penny Barden on the seventh.
Although this was a team day it was played under full competition rules and Neville Richardson and Terry Saville opted to submit ‘day cards’ for handicap adjustment purposes. As a result, Neville’s handicap was cut from 27.1 to 24.9 and Terry’s from 19.8 to 17.9. As an interesting sideline, five of LGS’s most frequent attendees at the Paul Tolley group lessons on Tuesday afternoons have now had meaningful handicap cuts. No coincidence!
Don Larner, in his Captain’s address,  announced that the individual Stableford competition at Oliva Nova on 2 August will feature a fashion show where LGS members are invited to brighten up the day with more interesting than usual choices of shorts and shirts. Entrants will be invited to offer 5 Euros to enter with a prize for the winner and all proceeds going to the Captain’s charity.


LEVANTE GOLF SOCIETY - 05 JULY 2019 - La Sella  

This day in history saw the first successful (Thomas) Cook tour, taking a small group of temperance supporters from Leicester to Loughborough.  5 July 2019 saw the continuation of the successful (John) Cook tour of golf courses on the Costa Blanca.
A smaller than usual group of Levante Golf Society members travelled to La Sella for an individual Stableford competition. The numbers were down to 17 due to a combination of illness, family visits and holidays, however those taking part had an excellent day. The course was in good condition with the hot weather resulting in fast and therefore sometimes challenging greens. The standard of play was good with over half of the players scoring 30 or more points.
John Cook won the competition with 39 points by a clear margin from Neville Richardson on 36 points, Brian Child on 32 points and Mike Treasure on 31 points. Neville was closest to the pin at 2.18 metres on the fourteenth and Steve Lamb, making his LGS debut, was closest on the sixth at 1.46 metres. Disappointingly, neither of them converted their excellent tee shots for birdies and no twos were recorded on the day. Alan Overton won the seniors’ prize on 30 points.
The next three weeks take LGS members to Levante (Benidorm), Oliva Nova and Alicante Golf, alternating between team games and handicap qualifying individual competitions.


As Southern Europe was being baked by blistering hot temperatures and governments were advising people to stay indoors, twenty four of Levante Golf Society’s intrepid, or foolhardy, golfers  set off for their latest Friday competition. The venue was Alicante Golf with the fairways in excellent condition. All were using buggies and the most sensible decided to exert least energy by playing well, taking fewest shots and ending at the top of the leaderboard.
Most of the players took part in a pairs better ball competition and had fun with no risk of handicap changes. The winners on 47 points were David Kerr and Robert Bedloe (great things are expected of Robert after his upcoming knee operation)! They were followed closely by David Collie and Mike Harding on 46, Kevin Waterland and the fast improving Lesley Vass on 44, and Les Vine and Terry Saville on 43.
Nearest the pin at 1.62 metres on the twelfth was Siggi Palsson (our man from Iceland making light of the unaccustomed weather conditions). Only one two was recorded - by Alan Overton on the sixth.
The main event of the day billed as a cross between the Thriller in Manilla and the Rumble in the Jungle , but with a slightly less glamorous title was the Round Two Frank Carroll Trophy match between Danny Herron and John Cook. These two heavyweights (in golfing terms only) of LGS were expected to slug it out to a narrow result. In the event, John coped best with the heat and got off to a fantastic start, scorching into a big lead after five holes from which Danny couldn’t recover. John eventually won 6 and 4 and is set to meet Denis McVeigh in the semi final. 
It is no coincidence that John is in excellent form and that he is the most frequent attendee at LGS’s weekly coaching sessions with Paul Tolley at Oliva Nova. These two hour group sessions are open only to LGS members at the very reasonable cost of 10 Euros per person.
Next week LGS are off to La Sella for an individual Stableford competition, with a team game at Levante (Benidorm) and Individual Stableford at Oliva Nova in the following weeks.




LGS returned to Oliva Nova, its adopted home of the last four weeks, for the latest individual Stableford competition. Local knowledge says that the summer heat in the Costa Blanca starts on the Saturday of Moraira’s Moors and Christians festival. As that was last Saturday, there was no surprise that the weather for this week’s golf was hot and humid (and will be until mid September). After looking at weather reports for June in Northern Europe, it didn’t take LGS members long to realise that they were playing golf in the right country.

Course conditions as always were excellent leading to good scoring, several handicap cuts and a very tight contest. At the top of the leader board four players tied on 37 points, so the winner was decided on count back, such a simple and quick process it’s a shame that the UK Conservative party don’t use it in their elongated attempt to appoint the next Prime Minister.

The winner was club captain Don Larner. His superb form on the day raised questions as to whether his 22 points playing the same course two days earlier was a cynical attempt to add 0.1 to his handicap! The next three places were taken by Peter Ketteringham, Kevin Waterland and Shaun O’Gorman. Fifth place on 36 points was Alan Overton. Shaun’s score off a handicap on the day of 6 was the result of excellent overall play, dominated by a masterclass of powerful accurate driving. His playing partners were often close to his drives off the tee - on their second shots! 

The seniors’ prize went to John Cook on 36 points. John also scored a two as did Andrew Leach. Nearest the pin on the third was Andy Price, and nearest the pin in two on the eighteenth with an amazing 1.27 metres was Brian Barden.

Meanwhile there was one match in the highly prestigious Frank Carroll Plate ( featuring losers from the Cup competition). Andy Price took on Neville Richardson for bragging rights between the two committee members. Andy demonstrated the benefit of hours of early morning practice and a true athlete’s pre match nutrition routine by winning the first three holes. Neville pulled it back to one down after nine but Andy’s superior overall play resulted in a win for him by four and two. He now goes forward to face the mature challenge of Alan Overton in the next round.

The next three weeks are at Alicante, La Sella and Levante (Benidorm), with two team games and an individual Stableford.




Levant Golf Society

This week, in a change from the weekly individual stableford competition format, LGS held a team competition. Teams of four, carefully selected by Donna’s computer to be as fair as possible, played an accumulator match with best two stableford points to score on par fives, three on par fours and all four on par threes, all at full handicaps.  A degree in applied mathematics would be helpful to keep track of the scores, alternatively (as the winning team did) concentrate on the golf and wait for the presentation ceremony to see what the ‘computer says’.

Conditions as always at Oliva Nova were excellent and a slight cloud cover gave welcome relief from the excesses of the sun.

The winning team with 114 points was captained by Danny Herron (mainly in a non playing, or at least non scoring capacity) supported by Mike Harding, Andy Ratcliffe and Neville Richardson. Second place on 111 points went to Donna Green, Dave Geeson, and Dave Collie with the mysterious Mr/Mrs/Ms Ghost making up the numbers. Third place on 107 points were Roger Jennings, Ed Brady, Brian Barden and Mike Treasure.

Danny was also nearest the pin on the third at 1.96 metres, narrowly beating his better half Donna, however she snatched the bragging rights for the journey home by successfully converting for a two. Les Vine was nearest the pin in two shots at the eighteenth at 1.97 metres.

The serious business of the day occurred in the two matches played in the Frank Carroll Trophy (matchplay format and Stableford scoring). Last week Alan Overton and Peter Johnson were tied after eighteen holes. Rather than follow the rules of a play off on the eighteenth from 100 metres, they decided to replay the whole match again ( either because they enjoyed each others company so much, or more likely through ignorance of the rules)! This time Alan won by two holes. In a very close match between two of the lowest handicaps, Denis McVeigh beat Kevin Waterland on the last hole.

Next week, LGS are back to Oliva Nova for an individual competition with several Frank Carroll Trophy games being played. In the following weeks we play a variety of courses - Alicante, La Sella and Benidorm Levante.










Ladies Day at Oliva.

Our captain Don Larner finally returned from his month in Italy where he clearly enjoyed his break! He was overheard to say « I wanted to come home after 3 days and don’t show me any more b....y churches ». We also had an American lady guest although she did have somewhat of a Yorkshire accent. We then realised that Anne Edwards was back but her new hair do had us confused but she looks wonderful.

A great day for the girls today with 5 of the 7 top spots going to our ladies!! Penny Barden was 2nd with 39 points, Celia Cronin and Donna Green were 2nd and 3rd. Respectively both with 38 points and Anne Edwards was 6th. with points and Jenny Downes was the Senior competition winner with 34 points. Well done girls !! 

Saving a little bit of male pride were the overall competition winner David Collie with a very impressive 40 points and our second man from Sweden Sandro Rozsa in 5th place with 37 points.

Nearest the pin winners were Richard Vass on the 5th only 1.6m from the pin where he also made a 2 and Roger Jennings on the 16th.  at 3.87m . He was however disappointed as he normally holes this in one! Celia Cronin also made a 2.

In the match play competition Alan Overton and Peter Johnson were all square after 18. However they enjoyed it so much that rather than go to a play off hole, they will replay their match.





On a gloriously sunny day a total of 28 players were raring to go in our Individual Sableford competition. With the couse in great condition but difficult greens as they had been recently hollatined(?) our players set off undeterred.

Overall winner and on excellent form was Donna Green with a very impressive 39 points and a 0.9 handicap adjustment. Donna also rounded off her day winning the nearest the pin competition on hole 3 at 8.50 from the pin. Sounds a lot , not at all , most of us were not even on the green!

In second place and confirming his consistently good form was Paul Sankey with 35 points. 

John ( no I didn’t play well today) Cook came in with a solid 34 to finish in 3rd position.

In 4th place is one of the current men on form, Roger Jennings with 33 points and a closest to the pin on hole 16 at 1.80m. Don’t ask him if he made his 2 .

In 5th place and always amongst the leaders was Penny Barden with 33 points and Dave Geeson won the senior prize with the same score.

We had three players making birdie 2’s David Downes, Richard Vass, and Fred (I’m on fire today) Betteridge.

In their Frank Carroll trophy match competition it was nip and tuck all the way to the 16th before David Downes accelerated away to beat a gallant Brian Barden.





LEVANTE GOLF SOCIETY - La Sella Friday May 24th 2019


- La Sella Friday May 24th.

16 players were up for this pairs Texas scramble competition. We were all a bit concerned about the weather and although we did get a few drops of rain it did not dampen the spirits and we all managed to finish. It was a very close run thing with the 5 first pairs coming in with scores only separated by a total of 7 points.

Overall winners dovetailing like a well made joint on a piece of vintage furniture were Kevin Waterland and Roger Miller and an overall score of 67 points.

In second place were Mike , I’ll do the the front nine , Harding and Roger ,leave the back 9 to me, Jennings.

In third place and overall banter winners were David Collie and Andy Price.

Fourth place went to a pair of youngsters, Alan Overton and David Downes, and in fifth place were the very elegant Janet Stevenson and Les Vines.

A very enjoyable day  for us all despite the unpredictable weather conditions.










The second round of the Levante Golf Society Divisional Trophy was played at Oliva Nova on 17 May. Course conditions were again excellent, but weather conditions were extremely testing. The beautiful sunshine belied a near gale force wind, more reminiscent of St Andrews on a bad day than The Costa Blanca in May. Despite this, some excellent scores were posted. 

This annual individual Stableford tournament is played over two rounds (the first was at La Sella last week), with the players divided into two divisions,  Division 0ne for under 18 handicaps.

Over the two rounds combined, Penny and Brian Barden kept the prizes in the family. Their excellent play and consistency won Division One and Two respectively with  scores of  69 and 67 points. Kevin Waterland and Dave Geeson were runners up in the two divisions.

 On the day, Division one was won by Penny Barden on 35 points with Paul Sankey (32) and Peter Ketteringham  (30) second and third, Peter also took the nearest the pin prize on the third. Division two was won by professional butcher Paul Westerman who carved up the course to score 38 points, earning a 1.2 point handicap cut. Paul was also nearest the pin on the sixteenth. Second and third in Division two were Andrew Leach (35) and Brian Barden (31). The seniors’ prize went to Fred Betteridge.

Incident of the day was achieved by Dave Geeson on the sixteenth. Concentrating more on his putting than his golf equipment he parked his trolley at the top of the slope adjacent to the green, without applying the brake. The strong winds did the rest and delivered his trolley to the barranco at the bottom of the slope. Having retrieved his clubs from the stagnant water at the bottom of the ditch, his playing partners were careful to stay upwind of him for the remaining holes.

Next week sees a return to La Sella with a change to a team format Stableford competition.




Levante G.S. LA Sella - May 10 2019





The first round of the Levante Golf Society Divisional Championship was played at La Sella on Friday 10 May. (Division one players being those with a handicap lower than 18.) The course  condition was good, albeit that the first nine holes of the old course are out of operation until the Autumn whilst a major reconstruction takes place. 

Weather conditions were testing, with gusty winds and the hottest day of the year so far heralding the sudden arrival of summer. The competition format was individual Stableford.

The overall highest score of the day was 36 by Brian Barden, earning him first place in Division two. Division one winner was Richard Vass on 35 points with Penny Barden second place on 34 and Brian Norbury third on 32. Playing partners had a fascinating insight into the Life of Brian (Norbury) - struggling on the first nine he discussed his thoughts on retirement from the sport, however an excellent second nine seemed to have dismissed such thoughts from his mind. Second placed in Division two was  Dave Geeson on 34, and third place went to Neville Richardson on 31.

Completing a good day for the Bardens, Penny was the only scorer of a two on the day, on the fifteenth. Nearest the pin prize on the fifteenth went to Peter Johnson. 

Alan Overton, on return from his month of rest, recuperation, wine tasting and helping the family with DIY in Australia, won the nearest the pin on the sixth. He is also worthy of special mention for holing a chip out of a bunker on a later hole.

Andy Price, deputising for Captain Don presented the prizes and reminded the players that this competition is to be completed with Round two next week at Oliva Nova.





Levante G.S. Oliva Nova - May 3rd 2019


Don Larner continued his innovative approach to his year as LGS captain by introducing the ‘Vol-au-Vent Challenge’ for the best chef of this dying culinary treat of the 1970s. Faced with a panel of judges who made those on MasterChef look like amateurs, the surprise winner was LGS’s Icelandic member Siggi Palsson. Siggi attributed his success to having never heard of a Vol-au-Vent until the previous week.

On the relatively serious, though thoroughly enjoyable, matter of the golf, Don’s pre match talk included congratulations and thanks to all squad members who had contributed to LGS’s tremendous achievement of being close runners up in the Campbell Lamont winter league first division.

The competition on the day was individual Stableford. Course conditions were excellent, assisted by the heavy rains around Easter time. Weather was perfect, reminding golfers again that this is one of the many reasons that they spend time in the beautiful Costa Blanca.

The scoring was competitive although surprisingly the only person not to ‘protect’ his handicap was the winner, Mike Harding, with 37 points. Richard Vass was second on 34 points, the same score as third placed Penny Barden.

Closest to the pin were Mike Harding on the third and Richard Vass on the 16th. Richard dealt with the pressure and converted his excellent first shot into a 2. Mike took yet another prize for the day by recording a 2 on the sixth.

Don has announced that he is now taking a mid year sabbatical, handing over the reins to Andy Price for a few weeks. However he has promised another ‘innovative’ challenge later in the year. The members await in nervous anticipation!




Levante G.S. Oliva Nova - Mar 29nd 2019

 Whilst politicians around Europe were preoccupied with 29 March 2019 as the day originally scheduled for Brexit, Levante Golf Society members were concentrating their efforts on Oliva Nova and Bonalba golf courses.

Oliva was the venue for the regular Friday competition.This week it was a 4 player team Stableford competition with 3 players to score on each hole. The number of players was reduced to 18 as other members were representing LGS (and other societies)  in the Costa Blanca League. The condition of the course was excellent and the weather conditions beautiful so no excuses for poor performances except ability and form!

In first place with a very strong score of 121 points were Dave Lawson, Andy Leach, Paul Sankey and Paul Westerman. In second place, by just two points were Bob Fell, Neville Richardson, Alan Overton and Mike Treasure. Bob’s captaincy and personal score of 38 points not quite enough to send Alan off on his month long sabbatical to Australia with a win.

Nearest the hole on the fifth (second shot) was Andy Leach and on the sixteenth at 5.35 metres was Neville Richardson who summed up his day by three putting.

Meanwhile at Bonalba the Levante representative team achieved an excellent 5-3 win over Pego. Approaching the end of the season LGS are now in third place in Division one of the Costa Blanca League, only one point off second place. Society captain Don Larner demonstrated his belief in a squad system by dropping himself - and not being missed!

At his post match presentation ceremony at Oliva, Don reminded all Levante members to make a diary note of the Summer Party at El Cid’s in Benidoleig on 21 June. This is to be a joint event with Pego Golf Society. Members should contact Don to reserve tickets.




Levante G.S. Oliva Nova - Mar 22nd 2019




 Oliva Nova  on 22 March was the venue for the second and concluding round of the Levante Golf Society Spring Trophy. Course conditions were excellent with the  fairways benefitting from the first Costa Blanca rain in several months. The weather transitioned from a cool and blustery wintery start to a warm and sunny Spring day. (For readers in Northern Europe, cool and wintery was around 15 degrees!) The format was again individual Stableford with 40 players taking part over the two rounds.

The Spring Trophy was deservedly taken by Anne Edwards with a solid round to build on her excellent 42 points at La Sella the previous week. Mike Harding  in second place was the token male at the top of the leaderboard with an aggregate score of 68 and Penny Barden came third on 67 points.

There was more success for the ladies in the prizes for best performances of the day. Penny Barden was first with 37 points, including the only 2 of the day on the third. Donna Green came second on 34 points also taking the nearest the pin prize on the third. Paul Sankey, John Snelling and David Lawson came third, fourth and fifth respectively. Mike Harding lifted the seniors’ prize with 32 points and Alan Draper was nearest the pin on the sixteenth.





Levante G.S. La Sella - Mar 15th 2019




The first round of the LGS Spring Trophy played at La Sella in appropriately beautiful Spring sunshine was dominated by Anne Edwards. The format was individual Stableford with Anne playing a near flawless round scoring 42 points. She takes a lead of 5 points into the second and concluding round at Oliva Nova on 22 March. Even with a handicap cut it will be a tough challenge for any of the 36 strong field to overtake her.

Dave Geeson  played consistently well throughout his round for second place. Mike Harding, Robert Bedloe and David Downes came third fourth and fifth respectively. David also won the nearest the pin on the eighth with Colin Grant taking the prize on the fifteenth at a distance of 1.96 metres

The senior prize was taken by Alan Overton with 33 points.

There was an inauspicious start to the day for one of the members (unnamed to protect the innocent)! His tee shot bounced through the crowd waiting to start their round, finishing level with the ladies tee. His second shot bounced off a wall onto the path and was last seen rolling down the path towards one of the other courses. Shot three after a free drop resulted in a lost ball! There but for the grace of God!




Levante G.S. La Galiana - Mar 8th 2019



On 8 March, a large field of Levante Golf Society players made the longer than usual trip to the spectacular course of La Galiana, one of the most dramatic golf course settings in the whole of Spain.

 The weather was bright and sunny with occasional breezes to make the course, if possible, more interesting. Scoring was good even though the greens were heavily sanded making putting more difficult than usual.

The main competition was a pairs Texas scramble with Mike Harding and Terry Saville winning with an excellent net score of 65 points. Kevin Waterland and Dave Horridge were in second place with Brian Barden and Kenny Kennard third.

Nearest the pin on the third was Mike Harding at 2.98 metres and John Cook closest on the fourteenth.

This was also a day in which six of the members were playing their first round matches in The Frank Carroll Trophy. John Cook comfortably won against Moe Farouky. In a closer match, despite his prematch predictions, LGS captain Don Larner won in the contest against Penny Barden (surely on International Women’s Day Penny should have won!) The match of the day resulted in Roger Miller beating Neville Richardson by one hole having been all square after 17 holes, showing that there’s no substitute for experience.

Next week LGS are playing the first round of the Spring Trophy, with the concluding round a week later at Olive Nova.





Levante G.S. Oliva Nova - Feb 27th 2019 
King Kenny Kennard Kills It!



A brilliant round by Kenny Kennard scoring 38 points, on a beautiful March day at Oliva Nova, won the recent LGS competition. Kenny’s performance was all the more amazing because he only just flew back to Spain the night before.
Colin Grant who also produced a superb round of 38 points to finish second, especially when Colin was feeling unwell in the morning.
The ever consistent John Cook was third also with 38 points, the competition within LGS is definitely hotting up.
The senior prize was won by Denis McVeigh scoring a creditable 31 points.
Closest to the pins were won by Penny Barden on the 5th, with a truly brilliant second shot within 0.25 metre. Paul Westerman continues his good form when he captured the prize on the 16th hole.
Two matches for the Frank Carroll Trophy first round were completed producing victories for Brian Barden, who beat Andy Price 3&2, and David Downes victorious over Alan Overton 2&1.
Levante Golf Society are now off to battle the slopes of La Galliana.




Levante G.S. La Sella - Feb 15th 2019



On Friday 15 February La Sella welcomed a full field of LGS members with conditions reminiscent of an English Spring day, cool and blustery punctuated by occasional bursts of warm sunshine. The course was in good condition with fast and true greens.

The format was individual Stableford and the winner on 36 points was Kenny Kennard. In a close competition for second place Chris Partridge edged out Neville Richardson on count back, both on 34 points. Worthy of special mention, and in fourth place (also on 34 points) was Alan Overton. Alan, one of the more senior members of Levante Golf Society, imposed an additional handicap on himself by visiting Benidorm Palace until the early hours of Friday morning. (A premier league footballer may well have been fined and suspended for such activity!)

Winner of the senior prize on 30 points was Terry Saville and the ‘best guest’ prize was won by Siggi Palsson. Nearest the pin on the thirteenth was Dave Collie, and on the eighth Alyson Wood who putted out for her two. 

On 22 February LGS are playing at the Levante course in Benidorm.




Levante G.S. Oliva Noca - Feb 1st 2019



Following the return of the successful team of players from last week’s league match, LGS had a large group for the latest weekly competition. The Oliva course was again in very good condition, although the players experienced several seasons of weather during the round, starting in cool, grey damp conditions and ending in beautiful warm sunshine. A constant feature of the day was the strong blustery winds which produced a real challenge to achieving high scores.

The format was individual Stableford and dealing best with the conditions was Peter Ketteringham who came first with an excellent 39 points. Neville Richardson was second with 37 and Paul Westerman third with 36. The senior prize was won by Mike Harding with 35. Nearest the pin were captain Don Larner on the third and Penny Barden at a distance of 1 metre on sixteenth.

Continuing their approach of varying their locations and formats, next week LGS play at Alicante with a team Texas Scramble.





Levante G.S. La Sella - Jan 11th 2019



The second LGS game of 2019 at La Sella started on, for Spain, very cold conditions with some greens having frost on them.
Eventually the sun came out and our society had an enjoyable but difficult golfing day. The surprising low winning score of 32 points by John Cook, was matched by Anne Edwards who was second by countback, Alan Overton was third with 31 points.
Peter Kettringham won yet another award winning the Senior prize with a creditable 30 points, and David Horridge with 29 points won the guest prize.
Nearest the Pin was won by David Lawson( 4.56 Metres) on the 196 yards 8th hole and Ed Brady’s winning shot 1.36 metres from the flag, won the ntp on the 15th hole.
3 Players recorded 2’s, Jane Bainbridge, Colin Grant and Ed Brady, all with a mixture of brilliant shots and superb putting.
Well done to John Cook who only arrived back in Spain the night before, a Stalwart of the LGS who thoroughly deserved his win.





Captain's Drive Oliva 4th Jan 2019



Don Larner, the 2019 LGS captain arrived bright ,early  and eager at Oliva Nova for his first golfing day in office. Unfortunately the overnight frost resulted in over an hour’s delay in tee times. This and the pressure of a challenging gallery conspired to him uncharacteristically pulling his Captain’s drive-in into one of the defending palm trees Penny Barden won the ‘guess the distance’ bottle of fizz with a prediction of 165 yards.

The early frost having cleared, the large number of players were treated to a beautiful, warm, sunny day. The course was in good condition for early January, reminding everyone why they have chosen to be in Spain at this time of year.

The playing format was two ball betterball stableford  and scoring was high with the winning pair of Roger Jennings and Andy Ratcliffe scoring an excellent 46 points .(Roger personally scored 24 points on the first nine holes!) Second place were Kevin Waterland and Neville Richardson with 42 points and third place went to Colin Grant and Keith Price on 41 points.

Anne Edwards was nearest the pin on the 16th at 2.9 metres. She gallantly completed the 18 holes despite suffering from a heavy cold, taking the opportunity to lie down and take rest on several of the benches on the way round. Peter Ketteringham was nearest the pin on hole 3. There were three 2s, Colin Grant, Andy Ratcliffe and guest Graham Forest-Jones who having completed his three invitational rounds is now eligible to join the Society as a full member.

Overall this was an enjoyable, excellent start to the year for Levante Golf Society and for new captain Don Larner.




Captain's Charity 2018


Captain Roger and Don ( Vice Captain) together with Anne Edwards presented a cheque for €800 euros to Sylvia Barnish and Andy Stammers of Bay Radio, being the total raised for 2018 by the Captain’s Charity. This money will be used to benefit The Preventario Orphanage in Gandia.




Levante G.S. Turkey Trot at La Sella - Dec 7th 2018

La Sella Turkey Trot winners_A


24 players turned up on a fresh but lovely sunny morning to our Christmas event, but were most disappointed that there wasn't a Turkey to be found anywhere !  
This pairs combined scoring Stableford event, proved more than a challenge for the majority of golfers judging by the very modest scores returned.   Everyone gets a gift of a bottle of wine with the winners enjoying a 3 pack of Estola.

The winners were David Lawson and Moe Farouky with a combined 63 pts.
I played in this group and to say that they had some luck on their side on the first nine would be no exaggeration. To be fair, the ball striking was pretty good but enjoyed good bounces out of trees and on one occasion Moe chipping in from 25yds with a low running chip which was destined for the rough through the green. I have never seen a ball of such pace hit the middle of the flag pole and drop in.  

David like most of us, struggled with his putting with plenty of moans on the (new) back 9. Hence the pair were most surprised when the results were announced, to find they had won by 6 shots.

Our retiring Captain bagged a good partner with ex skipper Anne Edwards to take second with 57pts. and were 3 shots ahead of Jenny Downes and Andy Ratcliffe.  A further 3 shots behind in 4th place with 51 pts. was incoming Captain Don Larner and Brian Barden.

Quite surprisingly six 2's were recorded being Andy Ratcliffe, Brian Barden, Mike Harding, Dave Lawson and Moe Farouky both on the red course 6th with Dave Collie getting to 0,57mtrs picking up the NTP on that hole as well.  A guest Graham Forest won the NTP on the green course.

Photo - L to R.   Don Larner, Graham Forest, Brian Barden, Moe Farouky, Dave Lawson.  Front Row. - Roger Miller and Anne Edwards.

The AGM followed the prize giving where both Anne Edwards and Brian Norbury retired with thanks but welcomed Nominated Vice Captain Andy Price and new committee member Neville Richardson.

One important issue was discussed, being the new RGA rules for Jan. 2019.
It was stressed that it is the responsibility of all member to familiarise themselves with the rules which are posted on our web site and at the R&A: https://www.randa.org/en/news/2018/03/new-rules-of-golf-unveiled-by-the-ra-and-usga

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.   





Levante GS 2nd. Round Autumn Trophy at Alicante. 
Nov.23rd 2018

Foto 2018-11-23 16 40 03

Foto 2018-11-23 16 43 41


Levante GS Autumn Trophy  Final round.  23 Nov. 2018

Last week the scheduled second round at Oliva Nova was cancelled due to the effects of the rain closing the course. Hence the final round of our Autumn Trophy saw 26 players travel to Alicante, which was the next venue on our calendar. 

Some good scores on the day saw Brian Barden with 38pts take the winners prize. Donna Green on a steady run of form was second with 35pts. 3 players scored 34pts. Vice Captain Don Larner beating Terry Saville and skipper Roger Miller on count back.

For a 36 hole competition the overall scoring was quite modest but Penny Barden just pipped Kenny Kennard on count back with both having a total of 62pts.  Closely followed by husband Brian Barden with 61pts. Roger Miller was overall 4th again on count back, from Mike Harding with 60pts.

The Seniors prize this week went to John Cook with a solid 33pts.

No 2's were recorded but NTP on the 3rd hole was Colin Grant who went jolly close with 2.10mtrs. On the 12th hole Donna Green got within 6mtrs to collect the prize.

Photo 1 - Captain Roger Miller presenting the Autumn Trophy to Penny Barden.
Photo 2 - L to R - John Cook, Donna Green, Brian Barden, Penny Barden, Don Larner, Terry Saville and Roger Miller.

Finally, the day raised another 140euro towards the Captain's Charity which is the Preventorio Orphanage in Gandia, making a grand total of €800 for the year. Well done indeed to all those who made this possible.






Levante GS Ist. Round Autumn Trophy at La Sella. Nov.9th 2018



It is now established that our major 36 hole competitions start at La Sella and complete a week later (weather permitting) at Oliva Nova.  Hence last Friday saw 30 members brave the elements on what can be described as very windy day. Some strong gusts actually blew a number of flags from the holes and many shots went seriously wayward, resulting in some high scores by most of the field.

However - Andy Ratcliffe (19) coped with the conditions better than all the rest to come in with 34pts.  Bob Fell (17) beat Richard Neville (31) on count back. David Lawson (17) had 31pts. and the consistent Penny Barden (17) finished with 29pts.

Mike Harding (21) won the seniors prize with 28pts.
NTP on the Red course 6th hole was John Cook 2.21mts and on the Green course also on the 6th hole, was veteran Alan Overton 1.81mts. Sadly for them, they both failed to convert for a 2.

However, three players recorded 2's being, Bob Fell on the 10th., Don Larner on the 15th. and finally Brian Lee on the 18th.

Obviously being a 36 hole competition, no handicap adjustments can be applied yet and it will need a good round at Oliva on Friday to trigger a reduction for any of the leaders.

Photo - L to R.  David Lawson - Andy Ratcliff - Bob Fell - Neville Richardson - Alan Overton - Mike Harding - Penny Barden and Brian Lee.



Levante Golf Society's Presidents Challenge. Nov.2nd. 2018

18-11-02 winner presidents trophy

18-11-02  winner of ss plate1


The original date for this event was Oct.19th at El Bosque as in previous years. However the very welcome rains arrived, hence the switch to Oliva Nova last Friday.  Again the day started with unexpected rain keeping the temperatures quite low for some of us "old folks". However, after a couple of hours the situation improved to far more enjoyable levels.

The course has recovered well from the recent series of maintenance works which no doubt will have benefits for all of us. Saying that, the scores were somewhat modest, with only Donna Green playing to her handicap of 19 with slope.  She came in with 36pts which was more than enough to scoop the Presidents Challenge Trophy.

In second place was Denis McVeigh (19) with 33pts just beating Mike Harding (23) on count back.
Paul Sankey (18) pipped Paul Westerman (29) again on count back both having 32pts.

The Seniors prize went to Jenny Downes with 31pts.

Nearest the pin on Hole 3 was Paul Westerman 0.76mtr and veteran Fred Betteridge who got within 8.92mtr on the 16th and was most surprised to find it was close enough.
Paul converted his shot in to a 2 and Kevin Waterland also enjoyed a 2.

Today saw the Syd Smith Plate final between Don Larner (18) and Brian Norbury (19). This turned out to be a most unusual "topsy-turvy" match with the younger and much fitter Don Larner succeeding with a 60 yard chip to with 2 feet on the 18th. The half was enough to win by one hole which meant he bought the beer ! 

A tale from Fred Betteridge who bravely completed his card.

After a round of golf where I must have hit every tree on the course we got to the 18th.  I managed to miss all the trees but ended up with the ball rolling into the water not far from the green.
I retrieved it and made a drop about 2 yards from the buggy. Using a 9 iron to approach the hole I hit the ball hard, but instead of it going high in the air it shot sideways and took the wheel cover off the buggy. Terry Saville and myself were crying with laughter, the prefect end to a disastrous round. But enjoyable due to players I was with.

Pics show Captain Roger Miller presenting the Presidents' Putter to Donna Green and the Syd Smith Plate trophy to Don Larner.



Levante Golf Society Captains Day at Oliva . Oct 5th 2018

5th Oct 2018 captains day - Winners-1


5th Oct 2018 captains day - On 1st tee

It was quite fresh but calm morning with a heavy dew when 40 players arrived for an early start at Oliva Nova.  Captain Roger Miller was seen rushing around with a hammer and placards and then back in to the club house to sort out what is now the customary "Goody Bags", filled with nice snacky nibbles and golf items. 

The day was a great success, despite the course not being up to its usual high standard because of scarifying, re- seeding and general maintenance, which no doubt we will enjoy the benefit of in the near future. 

However this did not seem to be a problem for some teams, who came in with better than usual scores for a pairs event with Levante.  A Division 1 player is paired with one from Division 2 in order to try and balance the teams and all eager to win the new and handsome Captains Cup.

We were blessed with plenty of sponsorship and our thanks go out to them for their generosity. There were green fees from Oliva Nova and La Sella Golf, plus a personally named LGS shirt from Kameeleon, a golf lesson with Paul Tolley and finally a number of gift vouchers from Campbell Lamont golf.

In first place with and excellent 46pts was John Cook and Alan Simpson closely followed by Michael Harding and Les Vinewith 45pts. Both were presented with Green fees by "Rafa" who is the Director Deportivo at Oliva Golf.
In third place was David Downes and Eric Edwards with 44pts and Peter Ketteringham with partner Keith Price picking up 4th prize with 43pts.
There were 4 other place prizes presented.

The NTP's were Denis McVeigh on the 11th - 3.92mtr and he followed that feat again on the 16th - 3.63mtr. There were 2 prizes for nearest the pin in two, with Brian Norbury getting to within 4.35mtr on the 5th hole and Terry Saville managing to get within 3.92mtr on the 18th. 

Anne Edwards organised a raffle and relieved the players of 255 euros for the Captains Charity, which is Preventario Orphanage in Gandia. 

Bob Fell who is one of our long time members was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary and was presented with a suitable bottle of refreshment. We are not quite sure how he managed to get permission to play, but no doubt he had a surprise planned.

A most enjoyable day for all.

Photo -  L to R  -  Rafa, Roger Miller, Alan Simpson and John Cook.
Photo 2 - On The Tee -  Roger Miller, Anne Edwards and partner Alan Overton.

Brian Norbury



Villaitana Levante 28  September 2018.


Ryder Cup fever started in Benidorm on Friday.

Levante Golf Society met last Friday morning for a Stableford competition, with European chances of winning the Ryder cup being at the forefront of the morning conversation.

We had a late Tee start so a celebratory mood soon evolved after learning about the amazing come back in the afternoon foursomes.

It was a perfect day for golf, but very disappointing to be told on arrival ( and without any notice) that yet again buggies had to be restricted to the cart tracks. Of course we realise that there are occasions when this is necessary to preserve the course. 
Despite the greens being rather slow, some good scores were handed in, triggering the ensuing handicap reductions. 

The winner was Hans Benzler (13) with 39pts beating on count back a rejuvenated Robert Bledloe (40) also with 39pts.
In 3rd place was Paul Sankey (17) with 37pts and in 4th Bob Fell (21) with 36pts also on count back from Roger Jennings. 

NTP's  were won by Tony Slipper on the 3rd (1.38 mtr.) and Alan Overton on the 14th (1.8mtr.) beating a disgruntled Vice Captain Don Larner by 5cm.!

Both John Cook and Alan Overton registered a 2 on the 14th.
Alan also scooped the seniors prize.

Phote - L to R

Tony Slipper, Bob Fell (looking rather desperate for the loo) Alan Overton, Hans Benzler, Robert Bledloe and Paul Sankey.




Oliva Nova 21st  September 2018.



Levante Golf Society Team Accumulator Sept 21st

This event was played at Oliva Nova on a very warm but lovely day.  3 greens were out of use due to being damaged but it did nothing to deter the enjoyment.

2 teams were runaway winners being -

In first place - Donna Green, Paul Westerman and Terry Saville plus a ghost score giving them 119pts.
Close behind were Danny Herron, Fiona Sankey, Lesley Vass plus the ghost score making 117pts.

NTP in two shots on the 5th hole was Danny Herron and on the par 3 16th. Mike Harding scooped the prize.
Fiona Sankey was the only player to record a 2.

There was one match play event for the Syd Smith Trophy where Brian Norbury  beat Robert Bledloe 6 and 5 to reach the final where he plays Vice-Captain Don Larner.

This was a sad day for Graham Hutson who is going back to UK to live.  He has been a member for about 18 years and a pleasure to play with being very successful in team events off 22.  We bid him farewell and send all our good wishes for the future.

Photo L to R.

Mike Harding, Lesley Vass, Danny Herron, Fiona Sankey, Terry Saville, Donna Green, Graham Hutson, Brian Norbury and Paul Westerman.


Brian Norbury




Oliva Nova 31 August 2018.



John wins SST Final

Two Committee members, John Cook & Roger Jennings, competed at Oliva Nova in the Syd Smith Trophy Match-play final and, in a closely fought game, John emerged the worthy winner by 3 & 1.  
In the Stableford competition Kevin Waterland was in “dream-land” on the front nine holes with 8 pars and 26 points but..…. the reality of golf came home on the back nine with 13 points!!!  However, Kevin’s score of 39 was good enough to take 1st prize, followed by Andy Price and Danny Herron both  on 34 points.  Terry Saville produced a steady 32 points to take the Senior’s prize.  
NTP on the 3rd hole was Roger Jennings (2.1 mts) and Neville Richardson took the 16th hole (1.9mts) but both failed to score 2’s, as Danny was the only one to manage it.





Levante GS 13 July 2018 at Villaitana.



On the 1st hole, in glorious Summer weather, John Cook & Terry Saville both played good second shots onto the putting surface and when they reached the green they were both hopeful of birdies but……..they each played the wrong ball so ‘nil points’ on unlucky Friday 13th.
Penny Barden was the winner with an excellent 39 points, followed by Alan Overton on 38 points and then Keith Price with 37 points.   On a normal day Neville Richardson with 36 points would have hoped to have won, but not on Friday 13th.

1st  Penny Barden = 39 points
2nd Alan Overton = 38 points
3rd Keith Price = 37 points
4th Neville Richardson = 36 points

Senior’s Prize – Roger Miller = 35 points

NTP – 3rd Hole - Hans Benzler 4.77 mts
14th Hole - Terry Saville 1.41 mts




Levante GS 6 July 2018 at Oliva Nova.



1 JOHN COOK (S) 39 pts (18) Overall Winner
2 KEVIN WATERLAND 38 pts (16) Overall Runner-Up
3 PAUL WESTERMAN 37 pts (30) Overall 3rd
4 PETER KETTERINGHAM (S) 36 pts (18) Overall 4th
5 ROBERT BEDLOE (S) 35 pts (41) Overall 5th

There was 1 Two recorded:



Levante GS at Oliva Nova June 29th



Kevin Waterland


Kevin’s powerful first drive hit a post, ricocheted behind him and went out of bounds!!  Not daunted by the experience, he then went on to score 37 points, emerged the overall winner, with another handicap cut  and demonstrated that a bad first drive is not necessarily a problem!!  
He was however closely followed by Danny Herron and Terry Saville with 36pts each and their tied scores were separated by the recently introduced count back system, as currently recommended by the R&A. 

There were only 20 members plus 2 guests, so prizes went down to 5th place.

1st - Kevin Waterland (37 pts)  
2nd - Danny Herron  (36 pts)
3rd - Terry Saville  (36 pts)
4th  - Donna Green (32pts) 
5th -  Les Vine (32 pts)

NTP – 5th Danny Herron in 2 = 5.9 mts
           16th Fred Betteridge  = 4.8 mts 

The only 2 recorded was Donna Green on the 16th. 

SST Plate – Don Larner beat Fred Betteridge
           Robert Bedloe beat Moe Farouky 

Phot L to R -  Fred (got lost I think!) Kevin, Danny, Janet (sneaked in) Terry and Les.

Brian Norbury



Match Report June 22nd, Bonalba



Very close scoring at Bonalba
On the 22nd June in a regular Stableford competition there were 3 golfers with 36 points, then Don Larner with 34 points and then another 3 golfers with 32 points.  These tied results caused some confusion at the prize giving because the HM computer system and some other local societies use the ‘count back’ system as recommended by the R&A, whereas LGS has historically used the lowest handicap criteria to resolve ties.  Eventually, all was sorted out with Mike Harding being declared the winner.
Kevin Waterland was NTP on the 3rd hole (1.98 mts) and John Cook was nearest on the 14th hole (6.99 mts) with Don Larner claiming the only 2 of the day on the 8th hole.
1st  Mike Harding 36 points
2nd  Dave Geeson = 36 points
3rd  Les Vine = 36 points
4th Don Larner =34 points
5th  John Cook = 32 points
Senior’s Prize – Terry Saville =32 points
SST Trophy - Roger Jennings beat Alan Overton
Kevin Waterland beat Keith Price 
John Cook beat Anne Edwards (Thursday)

Roger Miller



Match Report June 15th, Alicante



Summer arrives, at last!!
In glorious summer weather we played at Alicante, which was almost back to its normal condition after hollow tinning.   Donna had fairly balanced the team handicaps for a Pairs Texas Scramble, with the result that there was only one shot covering 2nd, 3rd & 4th.
However, the winners, being Vice-Captain Don & Stuart Boud, were a clear 4 shot ahead of the field with a net 62 and they also had the lowest gross score of 77 shots!!
Hans Benzler was nearest the pin on the 3rd hole with a shot just under 10 metres away and Neville Richardson was just over 10 metres away on the tricky 12th ‘Island Green’.
1st  Don Larner & Stewart Boud = 62 shots
2nd  Mike Harding & Andy Price = 66 shots
3rd  Kevin Waterland & Alan Draper (Guest) = 67 shots
4th Sandor Rozsa & Neville Richardson = 67 shots

Roger Miller


Levante GS Captain qualifies for Campbell Lamont Grand Finals


Result - Campbell Lamont Golf Leagues' Grand Final.

Captain Roger Miller and Alan Overton represented LGS over the weekend of 9th & 10th June 2018 in the above prestigious competition. The format was pair's better-ball match-play over 36 holes on Saturday and a further 36 holes on Sunday, on the 'Old' course at La Sella.

There were 16 teams from Iceland, Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Canary Isles, various regions of Spain and Levante GS!!

Their first match saw them 3 down with 4 holes to play but Roger's final putt on the final hole gave them a hard earned victory.   In the afternoon they beat their opponents on the 15th hole with a 45 foot putt from Roger, again.  Now they were in the semi-finals, much to their surprise considering the quality of many of the golfers.

On Sunday morning they lost to PGA Andalucia, who went on to win the tournament.  In the afternoon, two very weary LGS golfers lost 3 & 2 with the result that they ended up being 4th overall for the tournament, a result that they were both chuffed with!!

Not only were they the oldest two golfers but Alan's distance, usually, off the tee and his long fairway shots brought him much praise.

At the end, someone innocently said to our skipper "that Levante's Captain should be very proud of their performance" and he is!!! 
So, three cheers for the over 70's.

Brian Norbury



Final round of Div. Championships at Oliva Nova on June 8th



In perfect conditions the players teed off in reverse order with the first round leaders starting first. There was plenty of banter on the first tee as expected. 
Brian didn't help his chances by pulling his first Tee shot into the trees on the left and a savage bounce saw the ball tuck itself under the wire by the wall leaving an unplayable Lie. This no doubt brought some glee to the hunting pack waiting on the Tee. 
However not to be deterred, he fumbled on with his short game fortunately, being the saving grace on the day.

Not everyone played in the first round so the winner on the day in Div.1 was Peter Ketteringham (15.5) with 35pts. followed by Donna Green (15.3) with 34pts and in third place David Downs (15.3) with 33pts.
In Div.2 Roger Jennings again played very well for 38pts off 18.4 which now sees him rise to Div.1 again.
Peter Hunt (19.4) saw a return to form with 37pts and Les Vine (21.5) took 3rd with 34pts.

NTP's Andy Lynch on the 5th and veteran Fred Betteridge managed to get within 2.86mtr on the 16th.
2's were recorded by Fred Betteridge, Donna Green and Dave Geeson.
The Senior prize going to Brian Norbury with 33pts.

36 hole Divisional Championship scores from Div.1.

The surprised winner in the end was Brian Norbury (15.5) with a total of 67pts
Peter Ketteringham came second with 64pts and in 3rd place David Downes with 61Pts.

In Div 2. the run away winner was Roger Jennings with 67pts a steady Keith Price with 65 just pipping Andy Price with 64pts.

Photo L to R - Dave Geeson, Andy Leach, Brian Norbury, Peter Ketteringham, Roger Jennings, Donna Green, Andy Price, David Downes, Keith Price, Les Vine and Peter Hunt.

Brian Norbury


June 01 The first round of our Divisional Championships


Last Friday saw the first round of our Divisional Championships on a perfect day for golf at La Sella. The course suffered a bit from the recent rains which left quite a few soggy patches on the fairways. The greens however were playing well enough.

The practice ground is being changed so with there being no opportunity to warm up, a few of us got off to a slow start.

In Div.1 a solid back 9 saw Brian Norbury (19) finish with 34pts just in front of in form Don Larner (17) with 33pts and Hans Benzler (13) in 3rd with 30pts.

Div.2 was won this week by the ever smiling Keith Price (28) who said he had won enough balls recently so opted for Campbell Lamont Tokens instead. Alan Overton (28) was close behind with 32pts and Roger Jennings (22) one shot behind with 31pts.

The NTP was won by Don Larner (again) who also managed a 2 from over 4 mtrs.
The seniors prize went to a somewhat surprised Peter Ketteringham with 29pts.

The second round will be completed next week at Oliva Nova.

Photo - L to R Alan Overton, Hans Benzler, Roger Jennings, Keith Price, Brian Norbury and Don Larner.

Brian Norbury




Levante Golf Society Stableford May 25th at Oliva


New clubs worked wonders for our Vice-Captain Don Larner who managed an excellent score of 42pts at a sunny Oliva Nova even though the greens had been hollow tyned and his putting - quote "was a bit ropey".  For this unusually high scoring for a Levante member Handicap Master has cut him from 16 to 14.2. Well done Don.

In second place with 34pts was Paul Lankey (15) and in third was Hans Benzler (11) with 33pts.

Division 2 saw new member "the steak man"  Paul Westerman (25.2) come in with very credible 37pts, runner up was Les Vine  (21.4) with 34pts and in third place was the lovely Jenny Downes (34) with 28pts.
NTP's this week were won by Don Larner in 2 on the 5th hole and Donna Green on the 16th.

The senior prize went to Keith Price again, with a modest 30pts, but it was enough. I am waiting for him to go on holiday so that I can nip round and relieve him of his stock pile of golf balls.

There was a Syd Smith KO match also where Roger Jennings had a 2up victory over David Downes in what was apparently a tight game, going to the last hole.

Photo - L to R. Paul Westerman, Don Larner, Jenny Downes, Keith Price, Hans Benzler, Les Vine, Roger Jennings and the young lady in the front was Michelle Annick, our guest who had a 2.

Brian Norbury


Levante Golf Society Stableford May 10th


New members steal the show at Oliva.

Our Members have certainly been enjoying playing at Oliva Nova recently and taking advantage of excellent course conditions, on a perfect day to get away from the chores in the garden at this time of year.

Bob Jenkins, an Australian who recently joined us took the 1st prize with 37pts off 21 now 20 and more to go with his smooth swing. Sadly no Fosters served at the bar !

Paul Sankey another new member came 2nd with 34pts off 18 and Tony Slipper sneaked into 3rd with 31pts off 19.

In Div 2 it was most competitive with Peter Johnson (22) just pipping Andy Price (27) but both with 33pts. Brian Childs (30) took 3rd place with 32pts.

Nearest the pin in 2 on the 5th this week was Hans Benzler again! (2.27mtr) He must have special golf balls with in built GPS.

Andy Price got with 2.89mtr on the 16th but failed to convert for a 2.

The player with the largest grin was Keith Price, who without doubt seems to relish collecting prizes more than anyone I know.  Not only did he score a 2 but picked up the Seniors prize as well with 31pts.

Paul Westerman had 33pts off 30 and from next week will be a full member and therefore cannot enjoy collecting our guest prize any longer.

A warm welcome to him and other recent new players.

Photo  left to right.

Keith Price, Andy Price, Paul Sankey and BobJenkins

Brian Norbury



Levante GS at Oliva -  May 04





I am not sure who has taken over the course management at Oliva Nova, but in 17 years playing there I have never seen it in better condition. So a big thumbs up to them from all of us.

In virtually perfect conditions the scores were higher than average especially for Hans Benzler playing off 11.8 who came in with 40pts which is an unusually high score for LGS. This great round means he now drops to 10.8.

The runner up was Kevin Waterland with 34pts off 13.5 and 5 players came in with 33pts. In this situation the prizes are distributed to the player with the lower handicap first so -

Captain of the day Anne Edwards took 3rd place off 8.6 and Danny Heron off 14.4 won the fourth prize.

The seniors prize went to Brian Norbury also with 33pts off 15.5.

No 2's were scored, but nearest the pin in 2 on the par 4 5th hole went to old stager Jim Thomas with 6.50mtrs.  A tight pin on the 16th meant getting close was difficult and even John Cook could only manage 6.08mtrs this time.

One picture shows probably the best side of 4th place Danny Heron on the 16th and little boy blue runner up Kevin Waterland, also on the 16th.

Brian Norbury



Levante GS at El Bosque -  March 23

El Bosque


El Bosque welcomed us with perfect conditions. The cold weather quickly turned and became sunny with a gentle warm breeze. 
As usual El Bosque was difficult to master. The greens seemed to be far too small and quick…

Many trees had been cut down and a lot of the high grass was also gone. The greens where in a very good condition. Quick, consistent  and fair. 
So I belive El Bosque has improved with the new green keeper.

1st  Kevin Waterland 38p (17)
2nd Hans Benzler 36p (14)
3rd Terry Savilk 21p (25)

Michael Harding 32p (22)

Kevin Waterland 8th 1.48m
David Downes 13th 5.5m

Anne Edwards 8th
Hans Benzler 8th

Match play results
David Downes – Fred Betteridge 
Davis won 5/4 

Hans Benzler


Levante GS at Alicante -  March 18



Levante Gold Society     March 18th
Future stars shine at Alicante
A bright and gusty morning saw Alicante Golf welcome 24 players for an Accumulator competition with the course being in very good condition.
Ian Mackenzie brought along 2 guests. One being his grandson, Miles Yeatman and his friend Kris Einarsson for this competition and what a day it turned out to be for their team.
Kris Einarsson (2.6) is on a programme at La Sella, actually shot a gross 68 giving him 44pts.  Miles Yeatman also played well for 37pts.  Miles (15) is at Michael Campbell Golf Academy in Marbella and is on the Junior PGA Tour Race to Spain.  
Along with playing partners Ian Mackenzie and Terry Saville they ended up with the amazing score or 132pts to beat everyone by some considerable distance.
Malcolm Nash (9) also had a great score of 74 gross with the highlight being an Eagle on the 9th hole.
Winners - Ian Mackenzie, Terry Saville, Miles Yeatman and Kris Einarsson  with 132 Pts
Second place went to - Mike Harding, Peter Hunt, Brian Barden and Malcolm Nash with 112pts
Third place was - David Downes, Brian Norbury, Keith Price and Brian Child with 110pts.
NTP on the 3rd went to Keith Price (3.40mtr) and Kris Einarsson (5.02mtr) pipping Alan mason by 5cm on the 12th.
Two's were scored by Mike Harding, Brian Norbury and Kris Einarsson.

Photo - left to right
Kris Einarsson, Miles Yeatman, Brian Norbury, Terry Saville, David Downes, Keith Price, 
Brian Child, Mike Harding, Brian Barden, Ian Mackenzie.

Brian Norbury


La Sella 2nd march 2018


23 players turned up for the 1st round of our Spring Trophy at La Sella, with most expecting more rain as the cloud cover looked threatening. However the day brightened somewhat and after a light sprinkling all was well. The last group were not so lucky and were caught by some heavier rain on the last hole.

Div.1 Winners were -

Kevin Waterland  (17)  had 36pts
Brian Norbury  (19) also had 36 pts 
Michael Harding  (22) finished with 34 pts.

In Div.2 -

Alan Overton (30)  had 34pts and is on a steady run of form at the moment.
Dave Geeson (25) came in with 32pts and
Brian Lee  (34)  had 31pts.

Dave Lawson won the NTP on Hole 6 of the new course and also managed to hole out for a 2.
No one managed to drive on to the 8th on the old course however Alan Overton chipped in for a 2. All his practice paying off as he managed the same feat last month.
Peter Ketteringham (18)  took the over 70's prize with 28pts

Next week we go to Oliva Nova for the second round, which is looking like a most competitive day for us to look forward to.

Photo - L to R - Dave Lawson, Mike Harding, Brian Norbury,
Alan Overton and Kevin Waterland.

Brian Norbury